Battleborn Fans' Revival Event Helped, But Not Much

Battleborn Day, the fan-led event aimed at drumming up more players for Gearbox’s troubled hero shooter, managed to drastically increase the number of players in the game over the November 12 weekend, but the numbers were still low and the spike didn’t last.


Battleborn Players Rally To Save The Game On Battleborn Day, November 12

Tired of seeing a perfectly good game plagued with low server populations, the Battleborn Reddit has organized a special day to help new players get into the game, and the devs are backing them up with special bonuses throughout the weekend.


Battleborn: Kid Ultra Early Access

Let’s welcome the newest hero for Battleborn this week, Kid Ultra. A little backstory, Enduring a childhood sorely lacking in parental affection with the family’s robotic bodyguard, Marquis, as her primary companion, Phoebe Elizabeth Audelia Hemsworth IV was determined to create a more suitable playmate. Realizing that the Titanium Dandy line of robots made for […]

Battleborn's Latest Hero Has A Cool Origin Story

There’s a very good reason Battleborn’s latest hero, Kid Ultra, looks like a children’s toy. He technically is.


Battleborn Gets Its First Story DLC Today

Fans of Battleborn’s story operations that are sick to death of playing the initial set of scenarios get a reprieve today with Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion, a retelling of the third Thrall uprising with a little film noir flair.


Battleborn Not Going Free To Play

battleborn battle
Battleborn will not be converted into free-to-play game as claimed, Gearbox president Randy Pitchford debunks the rumor on Twitter. Free trial version of the game will be offered at a later date: According to Kotaku’s source, Gearbox had intended Battleborn be free-to-play from the start, but 2K publisher decided to release the title at full […]

Source: Battleborn Is Going Free-To-Play Soon

The underperforming hero shooter Battleborn will go free-to-play within the couple of months, a person familiar with plans for the game told Kotaku. Word is the announcement will come by mid-November, but that could change. (We hear the move has already been delayed a couple of times.)


It's Been Real

Well, folks, it’s been awesome. Got one last Deltron track for you, which, surprisingly, comes from Battleborn, and I’m out. It’s been real.


Your Shooter Deserves Better Feedback

So there you are, minding your own business, when the CEO of Giant Game Publisher approaches you with an offer: he wants you to lead the development of a brand new entry in That First Person Shooter that he makes, and he wants you to make sure it’s fun to play. How do you make sure it’s fun to play?


Battleborn Revealed Two New Characters Joining The Roster

Battleborn Ernest
Gearbox recently revealed two new characters who will be joining the roster of Battleborn, the MOBA first-person shooter for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Part of the five free character update that was promised by the developers, Ernest is a pink bird(?) that has a mouth as fiery as his arsenal of weapons. Season […]

Battleborn Adds A New Character And Reveals Another, In Case Anyone's Interested

The third of five promised free characters arrived today for Battleborn, the game that makes me sad every time I write about it. He’s a pink bird. They’ve also revealed a kid in a mech suit as character number four. That’s pretty cool, right?


BattleBorn: 3 New Maps for Competitive Multiplayers

Hey guys! After BattleBorn arrival in our world, they have been talking about a lot about having free content that will be coming soon, such as new modes, characters and maps. Now, the content has arrived! Announcing the 3 new maps that will coming in the next update! Each Competitive Multiplayer modes will have a […]

Video Games Review: Battleborn (PS4, 2016)

battleborn2Oh hey there. This is that other game. You know, the one that was overshadowed (and that’s putting it mildly) by Overwatch. While Overwatch has been a monumental success, Gearbox’s poorly timed shooter has been dealt a relative deathblow, and that comes as no fault of its own. A distinct lack of marketing or hype buried … Continue reading Video Games Review: Battleborn (PS4, 2016)

The Weird Units Of Battleborn

Matias Tapia is an illustrator and concept artist from Chile who most recently worked on Gearbox’s Battleborn.


Battleborn Drops To $40 Just In Time For Overwatch

Just three weeks after launching, Gearbox’s hero shooter Battleborn is already down from $60 to $40 both at retail and digital. And oh, hey, did you know that Overwatch goes live today?


Battleborn: The Kotaku Review

If someone had told me at the beginning of the year that I’d be reviewing Battleborn in May, I would have asked them “Which one is Battleborn again?” Now that I’ve spent a couple dozen hours in Gearbox Software’s latest I think I’ve figured it out.